sestdiena, 2011. gada 12. februāris


We had a chance to take part in and try to be a desinger at a fashion contest in January this year. It’s called ’’Moepeatus’’ , in English it’s something like ’’Fashion-stop’’. Theme of that competition was recycling, costumes had to be made 80% from old clothes or pieces of fabric. Me (Rebeca Lichtfeldt) , Kristi Keir, Sigrid Salujärv and Dagne Pikki took part in this competition. Kristi and I were one team, Sigrid and Dagne made the other one. We had to complete at least 4 costumes, so we needed some models, too. Mine and Kristi’s models were Marite Liima and our handiwork teacher Riina Orgus.

There were awards for the three best groups or designers, but we didn’t get any.

We were all happy, that we took part of this contest. It was our first competition of that kind and we got lots of experience. I liked it all there, everybody was so friendly. It was so cool to walk on the stage, all the people watching and photographing. F COURSE we’ll participate in it next year !!! J


ceturtdiena, 2010. gada 21. oktobris

Getting ready for the calendar :)

Hi, there!

As you can see, we have done great work so far. Every school has chosen three photos for every month and now they are published on the web.
The next step will be to vote for the very best photo of each month to include in our calendar.

Meanwhile... have a look and try to decide which is your favourite photo...

I bet it is difficult, because all of them are so nice.

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Estonia is located on the coast of the baltic Sea. In the east there is Russia, north Finland, south Latvia and north –east sweden. Its territory is 45 227 km2. The highest peak is 318 m. The capital of Estonia is Tallinn. The population of Estonia is 1,4 million. The density os 30 people per square km.

Sõmeru municipality

Sõmeru municipality isi n the north east of Etonia, its territory is 167,2 km2 and population is 3800 people. The density of population is 22. there are 32 villages in the municipality. Its landscape is mainly flat, covered with forests and large fields. In Sõmeru there are a lot of enterprises : a cement plant, timber factories and others.

Risto, Marnet, Šandor, Jevgeni, Piret, 9.kl



Tuule kiirus: ____________________________________
Tuule suund: ____________________________________
Temperatuur: ____________________________________
Päike: ____________________________________
Pilved: ____________________________________
Vihm: ____________________________________
Lumi: ____________________________________
Udu: ____________________________________
F_____________________________ C_____________________
Tuule kiirus:_____________________
Tuule suund:____________________
Õhu niiskus %:_____________________
Keskmine temperatuur novembris:_____________________

otrdiena, 2009. gada 27. oktobris

About our project

The purpose of our project is to become aware of and acknowledge the common environment of Baltic Sea countries. Children will start from the local environmental problems and see them as a part of global ones. The project will support sustainable values and creating the sustainable value judgements.

The partner schools create a common weather and environmental observing plan according to their curriculum and abilities in different classes. They have a mutual weather and environment observing sessions, the collected data will be set up in a table on a common web page; several photos will be taken and also uploeaded on the Internet.
Other subjects except nature subjects can be involved during this project:
- The reasearch and sharing of national traditions connected to weather (Shrove Tuesday, Spring Holiday, St.John's day, St. Martinus day etc.) and the changes in traditions in connection with the change of weather.
- Creating nature poetry. Story writing in native languages. The best stories will be translated in English and uploaded on the webpage.
- Creating crafts- competition of building wind chimes and weathercocks.